Saturday, May 29, 2010

Diliman Video of the Week: SAVE UPIS!!!!

(Editor's note: This video was produced by UPIS '81 and posted on

UPDATE: Since the Diliman Diary first broke the story in the Diliman Diary (May 26, 2010) quoting Faculty Regent Judy M. Taguiwalo as stating that that the UPIS property was the subject of an unsolicited proposal by Ayala Land, Inc to the U.P. Board of Regents to commercialize the property while transferring UPIS to the former Narra Residence Hall; a Facebook Page entitled, "No to Ayala Land, Inc.'s proposal to take over UP Integrated School," has subsequently been formed with 646 members so far.

In the interests of further stimulating democratic discussion and consultation for the BOR, which is an absolute requirement for such projects under Republic Act 9500 or the University of the Philippines Charter of 2008, we are reproducing below the Facebook comments:

  • Victor Bernabe We should also alert UPIS Alumni who are now in the reins of government....and those who have retired.... (Friday at 10:03pm)
  • Victor Bernabe any mass actions??? violent objections? black arm band days???? Makibaka huwag matakot! (Friday at 10:01pm)
  • Victor Crisostomo Just an example of what Ayala Land Inc. could do: (Friday at 11:55 a.m.)
  • Ja Dela Cruz sana hindi patapos sa pag pindot lang sa like button nito ang pag tutol natin sa balak ng Ayala Land Inc. sa UPIS. (Friday at 8:51 a.m.)
  • No to Ayala Land, Inc.'s proposal to take over UP Integrated School isumbong natin sila kay soon-to-be VP Jejomar Binay :p (Thursday 6:26 p.m.)
  • Justin Giovanni Ilagan Linatoc TAMA LANG! Tatak UPIS yun eh.(Friday at 3:40 p.m.)
  • Carlo Cielo Good idea. (Friday at 5:02pm)
  • Benjamin Vallejo Jr Any news on what Ayala plans to do with the property? Nagtatanong ang mga UPIS alumni kasi? (Friday at 8:16pm)
  • Jewel Rueda Pastor Tanungin n'yo mga taga CA-EMA kung me pakialam ba talaga si Binay sa UPIS. (Yesterday at 6:27am)
  • Mila D. Aguilar Yan ang tanong: Anong plano nilang gawin doon? At ililipat pa ba ang UPIS? Kung ililipat, saan? (Yesterday at 9:20pm)
  • No to Ayala Land, Inc.'s proposal to take over UP Integrated School ililipat po nila ang UPIS sa Narra residence hall if ever. (10 hours ago)
  • Ac Pascual kung ililipat sa dating spot ng narra ang upis.. e di sagot ng ayala dapat ang pagpapagawa ng school.. materials.. equipments.. etc.. tapos dapat sagutin nila yung mga chairs whiteboard thingys.. ewan ko ba.. (9 hours ago)
  • Smilla Jaspersen hi ac. u mean equipment? singular and plural of 'equipment' is the same (i would hate for others to think we don't know this!:-D).
    in any case, it's hard to judge unless we are privy to all the details of the negotiation. at the heart of it, the issue that must first be addressed is whether UP (and the government!) still feels that UPIS should continue to exist as an institution that provides low-cost, high quality education to the most deserving Filipino kids. if this is still a relevant vision, then all succeeding actions must be aligned to fulfill this vision.

    i've been to narra and it seems smaller compared to the current location of UPIS. to me, that in itself is already a deterioration that is inconsistent with the vision of high quality education. an environment that is conducive to scholarly pursuit is important and shouldn't be ignored (we don't want to turn into a dlsu where everything is cramped inside and outside it's all chaos!). well, that's just the start of it. there are still many issues that need to be seriously considered. but everything has to be aligned from the very beginning. (8 hours ago)
  • Smilla Jaspersen also, i wouldn't want binay to be personally involved. although he's an alumnus, he's hardly a deserving poster boy for UPIS. (8 hours ago)
  • Jewel Rueda Pastor When I was still with UPIS and doing my masters at CMC, one of my profs and a part of the UP admin as well, mentioned that she thinks UP Eduk and UPIS to that effect should be scrapped from the system. She thinks UP could do without these institutions. Looks like her idea is being embraced now by other admin people.
    By the way, instead of saying no to the scheme, why noy being more positive and say what we all want to happen: UPIS Forever? UPIS For Keeps? We Want UPIS to Stay? Quality Education for Filipino Students? There's Nowhere to Go but UPIS! (4 hours ago)

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