Sunday, July 3, 2011

Diliman Video of the Week: CSI: Manila

A short film about Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, and a pair of detectives who wish to uncover the truth about his death.

Directed by Ali Bayle
Written by Lexie Dy and Ceej Tantengco
Cinematography by Ali Bayle and Ceej Tantengco
Editing by Ali Bayle and Diggy Villariba
Research by Rix Reyes
Make-up and Wardrobe by Marielle Sundiang
Props by Fel Bernardino, Lexie Dy, Claire Fuerte, Aika Lim, Carlo Samaniego, and Marielle Sundiang
Logistics by Aika Lim and Lexie Dy

Elcee Vargas as Detective Martinez
Ceej Tantengco as Detective Abad
Job de Leon as Jose Rizal
Dav Dionisio as Government Official
Rev. Ulysses Cabayao as Church Official
Conrad Lafuente as Katipunan Rebel
John Cruz as Paciano Rizal
Joanne Lim as Narcisa Rizal
Miguel Serapio as Ferdinand Blumentritt
Carlo Samaniego as Juan Luna
Diggy Villariba as Marcelo del Pilar
Lexie Dy as Lab Tech
Arlet Coronado as Beggar
Claire Fuerte as Teodora Alonso

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